When you choose one of our 34 standard log home kit plans, the cost for the drawings is included with the materials package and purchase price of the kit. Each kit includes five sets of plans that show complete details including floor and roof framing, cross section, the required four building elevations, floor plans with electrical schematic, and other related details needed to fully construction your home. You also have choices for selecting the materials package for your new log home. Basic options include our standard and premier packages, as well as optional upgrades available with both packages.

Gain Knowledge about Log Homes to Help You Select a Log Home Kit

You should take the time to gain some knowledge about log homes before selecting a log home kit. Topics you need to be familiar with include learning how log homes are constructed, log profiles, building styles, construction costs, building codes and financing. One way to become more familiar with these items is to order our 96 page color catalogue and DVD. The catalogue shows you full color pictures of the homes, floor plans, a wide variety of selection and styles, and the pricing for each kit. The catalogue is also filled with useful information that is used to help you choose your new log home. This information will be referred to numerous times as you are preparing, planning and selecting the home you want to build, regardless of whether you decide on one of our existing floor plans, customize and change an existing plan, or custom design your own home.