You have plenty of options to choose from, when looking at the different styles and models of log homes, since this style of home has evolved over the years. You are to find a wide range of models to suit your specific needs, including smaller homes for your weekend vacation home, or large and spacious models for everyday living. Whether you want a small home with a loft, or require a larger home with four bedrooms and a garage, you are able to find kits to suit your needs. Other features found in a modern log cabin kit include cathedral ceilings, large kitchens, walk-in closets, and Jacuzzi tubs in the master suite. Each kit is carefully designed in order to provide you with amenities to fit with the size of log home you desire.

Build a Log Home to a Decked Shell Stage with a Standard Log Cabin Kit

There are many different log cabin kit designs to choose from when you want to build a log home. Each materials kit is carefully manufactured and preassembled at our log yard before it is delivered to your location. The reason we take the time to preassemble your kit is to ensure that all connections and materials are complete at the time of delivery and reassembly. The options you selected at the time of order will determine the inventory included with the kit. For example, standard packages include 30 critical elements to your home, the construction manual, and five complete sets of plans. A standard kit allows you to complete construction to a decked shell stage.