When you are looking at building your own unique style of home, you have a few different options available, including log homes. You can jump in with both feet and create your own sketches and designs. Another option is to use existing floor plans and model homes as your guide, and obtain the necessary blue prints. The method you use should show the general layout of the home interior, the overall square footage, rooms, and how the exterior will appear, once construction is completed.

Log Homes Are One Type of Exterior Finish You Can Use for Your New Home

Once you have your blue print or design finished, your next step is to decide what sort of materials you want to use for the frame of your home. The frame of your new home can use both wood and steel, depending on the building codes in your location. Another aspect you will need to decide is the exterior appearance and materials you want to use. The type of exterior materials you use, will give the finished appearance to the home. There are all sorts of options to choose from, including brick, wood, and vinyl siding, as well as log homes.