You have a few different options for building a home using log cabin designs. You could find a piece of undeveloped land, zoned for residential use. With this option, may have to clear trees from the before you can begin construction of your home. You may also have to connect water and sewer lines, dig a well, install a septic tank, pour a foundation, and have electricity connected to the job site.

Another Option for using Your Log Cabin Designs is to build on Your Existing Property

Another option for building your home using you log cabin designs is to use your existing property. Depending upon the size of the land you own, you may be able to build the new home in a different location on your property. When you do not have sufficient space, your other option is to tear down your existing home and rebuild your log home in the same location. Regardless of the method you use to build your log home, you will need to obtain building permits before your start your construction project.