When you enjoy spending time outdoors in the mountains you can often find property for sale which you are able to purchase for building your weekend get-away home. One type of home that fits well and provides a natural look and feel is log cabins. You could find the perfect log cabin to build by reviewing log home designs. These designs allow you to either select a pre-made home or pick and choose different aspects from multiple plans to design your own custom plan.

It Is Up To You to Decide How to Finish the Interior When Using Log Home Designs

It is important to remember log home designs only show you the basic layout of the log home. While you are able to use the plans to purchase the exterior shell it is entirely up to you how you want the interior completed. For example, you may decide to use hardwood flooring to continue with the log cabin theme or might opt for a nice ceramic tiled floor. You also have to decide the types of counter tops and cabinets you want to use in the kitchen and bathroom as well as the colors of your interior walls.