Communities which work together have the ability to turn dreams into reality. When people can cooperate and get along anything is possible. For example, in Dorris, CA the local community banded together along with the Ford Family Foundation, the McConnell Foundation, Lions Club International, grants from the state of California, and many others to create and build their local log cabin community center. Together with the efforts from these organizations and numerous volunteers this community’s dream has become reality.

A Team Effort Was Required to Build a New Log Cabin Community Center in Dorris, CA

The project to build a 5,500 square foot log cabin community center in Dorris, CA required a team effort between several different groups. The Lions Club of Dorris, club president Rennie Cleland and project manager Andrew Griffith worked directly with the architect and supplier, Homestead Log Homes of Medford to develop, design and construct the space that would become Dorris’ new community center. The new community center is constructed from natural materials which are also energy efficient.