One way to simplify designing your own log home is to use design services offered by log cabin builders. These services give you access to floor plans and home designs that are used for preassembled log homes. Preassembled homes are put together initially at the builders location, before they are shipped to the location where you will be building your log cabin. The reason the home is preassembled is to ensure your log cabin arrives with all of the required equipment and hardware you purchased.

Some Log Cabin Builders Can Offer Custom Design Services

Besides having access to model floor plans, log cabin builders may also be able to provide design services for customized log homes. This process involves you submitting your own ideas and drawings to the builder. The builder will have their engineering team review your submissions and convert your ideas into actual working plans. During the design phase you have a chance to review the plans and make changes. After final revisions and completion, you do receive several sets of the plans, which can be submitted to the Building Department to start the preassembling construction process of your new log cabin.