You should spend some time and research you options when you are purchasing a log cabin kit to build your log home. The types of equipment and materials included in kits can and does vary based upon the options you pick. You might decide to use a basic kit without any upgrades and only the basic frame shell for the log home. You could decide to add upgrades and use a package which includes everything you require, like you find with our premier packages.

You Will Need to Obtain Building Permits to Construct Your Log Cabin Kit

Using a log cabin kit to build a log home is similar to just like building a new home from the ground upwards. You will need to make sure you obtain all of the necessary building permits required to construction your home. Depending upon where you obtain your kit from, the builder may assist you in securing the required permits. Before construction can begin you also have to prepare the location by building a foundation. Based on your floor plan, foundations might be a basement, concrete slab or garage.