When you are building log cabins, there are some preparations which must be completed prior to construction. First, you have to find a piece of property large enough to accommodate the design you have selected. You need to make sure that the home is well within the approved set back requirements for your area. You also have to clear away any trees, existing structures or other items where they will be in the way of your log home. Electrical lines, cable, telephone lines, and public water and sewer lines might have to be run to the property prior to construction. You should check with your local county municipality before starting any prep work, as permits may be required.

After your property has been cleared, building permits secured, and other preparations completed, you are able to start construction of log cabins. A part of any good log home has to do with the foundation it sits on. You will need to decide ahead of time what sort of foundation you want to use for your home. Some people choose to use a poured slab for their foundation, where the home is built right on top of the slab. Another option is to use a foundation that provides a crawl space under the home, for easy accessing to plumbing, heating and cooling duct work, electrical, cable and telephone lines. Your third option available, any time you want additional space, is to use a basement for your foundation.