You have different options available when you want to build a brand new home. You could decide you want a home that looks different from everyone one else’s in your neighborhood. This might lead you to choose log cabins because they provide unique charm and style not always common in traditional styled homes. Log homes offer many of the same features you find in traditional homes but with an added layer of beauty from using natural wood.

Log Cabins Are Available in a Variety of Sizes to Suit Your Needs

Whether you are looking to build a weekend get-away home in the mountains or want to build a new home for your entire family, you can find log cabins available in a variety of sizes. Total square footage found in our cabin homes catalog range from 680 square foot to 4,426 square feet, with plenty of sizes offered in between. Most of our customers use our log home catalog for ideas and we customize the design of any size per there request.