Standard Package materials

  • Three-sided flat Pine wall logs (6″ x 8″) pre-cut for corners, windows and doors
  • Log 2nd Floor Joists and steel hangers
  • Gluelam 2nd Floor Girder
  • Log Support Posts
  • Shed Dormer Posts and Headers
  • 2 x 12″ Fir Dimensional House Rafters and Blocking
  • Gable Posts
  • Log Porch Posts, Headers and Rafters
  • Log Staircase
  • Posts, Railings and Spokes
  • Log Siding for Gable Ends and Dormers
  • 2 x 6 Pine t&g Decking for 2nd Floor and Porch Roof
  • 1 x 6 Pine t&g Ceiling Decking for Interior
  • 1/2 x 10″ Lagscrews and Washers
  • 10″ Timber Screws
  • Closed-cell Gasket Material
  • Conceal Textured Caulking
  • Angle Iron Stiffeners, Screwjack, Ridgeplates and Rafter Strap Ties
  • Working Drawings (5 sets) and Construction Manual
  • Three days Factory Supervision at your Jobsite

Premier Package materials

  • Subfloor Framing . . . . Versa-rim, BCI Joists, Blocking and Pony Wall
  • Porch Framing . . . . P.T Girders, Joists and Redwood Decking
  • 3/4″ t&g Subfloor Plywood
  • Floor Flashing, Roof Flashing, Window and Door Flashing
  • 2 x 6″ Fir Gable End and Dormer Framing
  • 1/2″ CDX Gable End and Dormer Sheathing and Felt
  • 5/8″ CDX Roof Sheathing
  • Roof Fascia and Cap Fascia
  • Limited Lifetime Architectural Roofing, Ridge Caps, Rake and Felt
  • Prehung Exterior Doors with Hardware, Pine Frames and Trim
  • Thermopane Vinyl Tan Windows, Pine Frames and Trim
  • R-30 Batt Floor Insulation
  • R-21 Batt Gable and Dormer Insulation
  • R-38 Batt Roof Insulation

Recession Burger! My wife and I went to a local restaurant in Southern Oregon the other night, and featured on their menu was a “Recession Burger Basket” for $4.99. Now, this place offers steaks, seafood and other pretty expensive items to the general public, most starting at around $15.00. As we looked around the dining area after ordering our burgers, most patrons had done the same. A true sign of the times, a cheap meal.

Cheap Chinese Cabins! A friend asked me a while back what would happen if China decided to get in the log cabin business and export them to the United States, much like most of the products we see on the shelves of Walmart and Target. I answered, that luckily they don’t have access to logs and timber available in the Pacific Northwest and the shipping alone across The Pacific Ocean would be extremely expensive. Even with their cheap labor force, the prices would be only competitive with expensive Canadian log cabin kits. But, our friends in China have been very successful catering to the marketing principles of cheap products. They sell all over the world and seem to be getting even stronger. Nice Cars, Do We All Need One? Ever notice those little, inexpensive European, Korean and Japanese cars that seem to be popping up around town? Some customers are happy with just the basics in an automobile and can’t really afford a middle to luxury model. I realize they are cheap cars, but folks like them and they are definitely becoming more popular.

Untitled-2At Homestead Log Homes we’ve prided ourselves on manufacturing and building the highest quality log home and cabin kits available in our industry, for over 40 years. We incorporate big logs. hand-crafted, shrink-to-fit saddle-notched corners, pre-assembled shells, sprayed with Borate and pre-drilled for steel throughbolts and electrical wiring. We even build most of the home kits under a roof and build it back to this same stage at the owners building site.

But, if we were going to offer an inexpensive alternate to our homes, it would need to incompass changes to the design and materials provided. To keep this concept simple and cheap, we would only offer two models that could be easily manufactured and warehoused. Both would be small cabin kits with four corners, an upstairs loft, and a full covered front porch. One would be 1,284 sq.ft. 2 bedroom, 2 bath and the other slightly larger at 1,512 sq.ft. a 2 bedroom, 1 bath. Both models would be built out of smaller 9 inch logs, milled and planed three-sided flat (flat to the interior) and hand-peeled on the exterior (no one wants machined logs). The corners would be simple butt-and-pass style with double gaskets and timber screws every two feet on centers, and two in each corner connection. The loft would be log floor joists and 2×6 pine t&g decking. The front porch also full logs, rafters, posts and railings and 2×6 pine t&g roof decking. The mainUntitled-1 roof framing would change from logs to 2×12 fir dimensional rafters on two foot centers, 1×6 pine t&g interior ceiling decking and 5/8″ CDX plywood roof sheathing (this cavity will be filled with R-38 batt insulation). We would still include log siding on the exterior gable ends and dormers, a log stair-case and log posts and railings. Each cabin kit would not be pre-assembled, but would include 3 days factory supervision at the jobsite. In over 40
years of working on log homes and cabins, this is the most inexpensive (cheap) product we’ve ever offered. It may be just right for you! -Jim