Log cabins provide a rustic looking home, which can set your home apart from your neighbors. Many neighborhoods have similar looking homes, with slight variations, leaving little distinguishing features from one home to another. However, with a log home, you are able to give your home a completely different appearance, because you will be using a different floor plan and model from everyone else in your area.

You Can Find a Wide Variety of Designs and Models of Log Cabins

There is a wide assortment of models of log cabins which you can choose from for your new home. Sizes range from small cabins, in 680 square feet, up to large homes with 4,426 square feet. To get the best idea of all the different models and plans available, you will want to order our 96 page catalogue, which also includes a DVD. With the information in the catalogue, you can determine if you want to choose one of the designs in the book or want to create your own customized plan of your own.