There are different aspects you have to consider any time you are looking at the various models of log homes available. Each style is designed using a specific type of log style, because their appearance fits with the model. However, you always have the option of selecting your own log styles when you are making modifications to an existing log home floor plan or having a plan custom created using our design services. We have over 35 years of experience as log home builders and log crafters, which allows us to build any style or craft any new idea you might have for your home. It is worth your time to become familiar with the log styles available, so you are able to select the ones that will work best for the construction of your new home.

The five standard styles of log wall construction we produce for log homes include scribe-fit 3 sided, scribe-fit 2 sided, full round with chinking Montana style, Swedish cope, and Scandinavian full scribe Canadian style. For instance, Scribe-fit 2 sided flat is the most popular style of log used for building log cabins and homes. Each log is milled top and bottom, peeled to a hand hewn finished inside and out. The corners are scribe fitted to fit the log below, lag screwed together, through bolts are then installed to make an extremely well built wall system.