Our Materials Packages

Each of Homestead’s Log Home packages are hand-crafted in our assembly yard and fully engineered for settling. All log materials are of the highest quality, hand-peeled, dry Pine, Fir or Cedar. We offer five building programs to get your home built from a Decked-shell to a Turn-key stage of completion. Or, we can provide the do-it-yourselfer with a choice of two log home materials packages and three days factory supervision.

On the West Coast and Pacific Rim regions, choose our Standard Package, or the upgraded Premier Package with exterior doors, floor and roof insulation, sub-floor/framing, finished roofing, outside decks, fascia and thermopane window components added. Both packages have additional options to personalize your plans, including larger logs, post and purlin roof structure, specialty trusses, carports, and log sided garages. All components are engineered to meet local building code requirements. You’ll appreciate the care we put into every Homestead log home, whether it is a kit or built on your jobsite. Don’t forget to ask us for help with our network of General Contractors in your area.

Visit Straight Talk from the Top for more about our custom homes. We also carry high-quality stains  and supplies for your log home. Order our Catalogue or visit our next Open House. Learn the story behind the Homestead Log Home concept in My Two Cents

The Standard Package:

30 critical elements to your home, plus Construction Manual and five complete sets of plans. For full Materials List and more details.

The Premier Package:

All materials in the Standard Package, plus Door Package, Insulation Package, Subflooring and Framing Package, Roofing Package, and Thermopane Window Package. For full Materials List and more details.

All programs provide free local delivery. We own a towable forklift, two truck cranes and a flatbed truck to help in the construction process. Our builders are crane operator certified and we’ve been an Oregon General Contractor since 1980. We guarantee you the highest quality craftsmanship around. Apples to apples, we have the best prices.

“PACKAGE ONLY”  Both our Standard and Premier materials packages include three days of onsite factory supervision. The log walls come pre-assembled, sanded, drilled for electrical wiring and throughbolts. All logs sprayed with a Borate preservative. Our Standard package averages $70.00 per square foot and the Premier package around $110.00 per square foot.

“FULL PRE-ASSEMBLY and RE-ASSEMBLY”  This has been our most popular program over the years with hundreds of customers wanting to see their home built at our factory and Homestead providing two builders onsite. We fully assemble the log shell in our covered building, out of the weather, as all work is scribe-fitted and pre-drilled. From the log walls, we build the 2nd floor system, ridge beams, rafters, dormers, trusses, freizeblocks and gable porches. In five days, with the help of 3 onsite workers we can re-assemble a home up to 2500 sq.ft. Our two man building crew arrives with crane tongs and the tools for the log building process. We will re-erect the home exactly how it was built in our logyard. Most general contractors will need little log building expertise, as we get the main structure built precisely and on time. This program adds about $16.35 more per sq. ft. to the cost of the materials package, but is well worth it. We can provide the truck crane, either one of ours or a rental, (at additional cost) and our travel time and motel costs are additional. Our construction crews have traveled up and down the West Coast and to Ohio, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and even to Japan.