Part of building a log home is selecting the type of log wall styles you want to use. Log home manufacturers can provide assistance in helping you choose the right wall styles for the exterior and interior of your home. Each style will offer a different appearance once your home is fully assembled. For example, a scribe-fit 3-sided wall style is one of the only flat interior walls that are used which is not a pass corner or butt style.

Other Log Wall Styles Available from Log Home Manufacturers

Another log wall style available from log home manufacturers is a “Montana style” which is a full round with chinking. This log wall provides one of the more authentic Old World styles for log homes. The logs are hand peeled and saddle-notched together and chinked using a synthetic, fire resistant and textured product. You are also able to select a Swedish Cope style that is one of the more popular ones used in the log home industry. The logs are lathe turned to a specific diameter and coped in order to fit the logs below.