People might have some misconceptions about using log home kits to build their log house. However, with some clarification about what a kit is and what it includes frequently alleviates any prior confusion. Our log kits use actual wooden logs. These logs are not prefabricated logs or pressed logs using synthetic processes.  Rather they have been cut from forests, stripped of branches and peeled to a hand hewn look. By obtaining all of your logs in a kit that has been preassembled, you know you will have the required number of logs for the entire structure and not have to worry about anything missing.

You Decide What Materials Are Included in Log Home Kits

Another misconception some people have regarding log home kits is that they do not include all of the required building materials. A kit does offer various options you can pick and choose from to decide what materials you want included. Some people may want to purchase our Standard Package, which includes materials to build to a decked shell, and buy the other materials (roofing, windows, doors etc.) locally.

However, our Premier log home kit includes all the materials to build to a watertight stage of completion.