There are different log wall styles which are used to build log cabins. You can choose from full rounded with chinking “Montana Style”, Swedish Cope, Scandinavian full scribe “Canadian Style”, scribe-fit two sided and scribe-fit three sided. Each style provides different types of finishing touches to your new log home. You should make sure to select the correct diameter for the kinds of logs you are using to construct your home.

Browse Floor Plans for Log Cabins When You Want to Build Your Own Log Home

The first place to begin when you want to build a log home is to start browsing floor plans for lob cabins and homes. You should already have some idea of what size of home you require, such as 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. You also need to decide whether you require a garage and basement with your new home. You may even want to write down all of your requirements on a list and reference it whenever you are reviewing floor plans. This will help you eliminate any floor plans that do not meet your needs and requirements.