A log home kit is a package you purchase whenever you want to build a log home. Kits are created using the floor plans from the available model homes you will find. Another way in which a kit is assembled is from a custom floor plan you created along with the help of a professional builder. Since custom plans are unique the builder may require a slightly longer period of time in order to ensure all necessary materials are included in your kit.

A Log Home Kit Is Not the Same as a Prefabricated Home

Some people might think a log home kit is a prefabricated home, but this would be inaccurate. Prefabricated homes are preassembled and put together before they are delivered to their final locations and include modular and mobile home. While the exterior shells found in kits are preassembled to verify all of the necessary materials are included, they are taken apart before they are shipped. Log homes are completely built from the ground up onsite using materials and equipment included in the kit.