The first step to selecting a new log home is to review the available models. The model homes will give you an idea of how your newly constructed cabin looks once it is put together. Models also show you the floor plans and the layout of each style of home. After you have selected the model you prefer, your next step is to determine what log cabin packages you want to include with the purchase of your new home.

You can choose from Different Log Cabin Packages for Your New Log Home

Log cabin packages include different materials, and hardware for constructing your new log home. When you already have doors, windows, subflooring, insulation and other materials, you can use the standard package. This package includes 30 critical elements for your new home, as well as the construction manual and five complete sets of plans. In cases where you want to have all materials and hardware necessary to fully assemble the log home and not have to purchase any items on your own, you will want to choose the premier package. Both packages also include additional options you may consider adding to your new home.