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At Homestead Log Homes we know how important the design of a home can be. We feel that our in-house Design Department is one of the best, offering a personalized approach in planning very workable log home designs. Besides our 34 standard plans, we’ll work with your ideas and custom design a log home to meet all of the criteria of your family needs. Our professional knowledge and experience in log home floor plans and construction will guarantee you log cabin floor plans that will meet all local and national building codes.

Some building jurisdictions require the engineering and certification of the plans. Homestead Log Homes has associate engineers to handle this task as your log home builders. Although, if you have an engineer in mind more local to your building area, we’d be happy to work with them. Fee’s for this service vary depending on project involvement and is a separate cost.


Collage of various home designs All of our materials packages includes custom working drawings. A 10% deposit gets your blueprints, orders your home and sets the delivery date. All of our plans for log home designs are priced out in lineal feet, number of corners, windows and doors, dormers, porches, etc. We price out custom designed homes the same way.

The first step of all custom log cabin designs is the workability of your idea into a preliminary plan. This consists of two elevations and the floor plans. After these have been completed by our Design Department they are sent to you for review and approval. During this review all changes and modifications should be made to the preliminaries. After plans are revised and all pages are completed with corresponding details, we will forward 5 sets to you ready to submit to the Building Department. When a home deposit is made, you will receive a step by step construction manual.

If you choose one of our 34 standard plans, the cost of the working drawings is included with the materials package. Each set of plans show the required four building elevations, floor plans with electrical schematic, floor and roof framing plans, cross section, and related details.

Whether you choose to create your beautiful log home from one of our standard plans or from your own individual ideas, you can count on Homestead Log Homes as your log cabin builders to provide you with the best Log Home money can buy. Find out why people choose our shrink-to-fit corner notching with continuous through bolt construction over spikes, hand peeled look over machined, and big logs – 10″ to 16″ diameters. Let us personalize a log home into your future.

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