After reviewing the available floor plans for new log homes you may discover you are unable to find one you actually like. Instead, you might prefer certain aspects in multiple plans and want a home which incorporates off of these features. In this type of situation you can use our log home builders to create your own custom floor plan for your new log home. You are able to review the plans and make adjustments to them to suit your needs. Pre-construction does not begin until after you have fully signed off and approved your custom plan.

Some Log Home Builders Will Frame Your Home Ahead of Time

Some log home builders will pre-construct your home by framing it ahead of time at their log yard. The preconstruction helps to ensure the right types of logs are used on the frame and all materials required are available. Rather than starting construction on site and discovering there are logs missing or other equipment, this situation is avoided. In addition to advanced framing, you also receive on site professional help during the actual construction of your new log home from the builder.