The first step to selecting a new log cabin is to decide on the floor plan and model you like the best. In situations where you are unable to find a model plan you want, you always have the option to have the builder assist you in creating your own custom design. After you have settled on the plan you will be using, your next step is to choose the log cabin packages you want to incorporate and include with your new home. Packages allow you to pick from a variety of options and upgrades for your new home.

Log Cabin Packages Allow You to Decide Which Materials and Equipment Are Included

Log cabin packages include options for a standard package and a premier package. The package you settle on does depend upon whether you want to have all the materials and equipment needed to build the home included or if you want to add these items on your own. The advantage to using a premier package with other options is the ability to have the total cost fully financed. You do not have to worry about paying any additional money to purchase them later in order to complete the construction of your home.