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Homestead Log Homes is the leading manufacturer and builder of high quality engineered custom log homes and log home packages in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.
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Use Premade Log Home Designs to Select Your Log Home Kit

There are different methods you can use to build a log home. You could design your home using your own drawings and blue prints. Another option is to use premade log home designs. This option also allows you to be able to purchase the materials required to build your home in a log home kit…. Read More

You Can View Model Homes at Log Home Builders

You should visit log home builders when you want to build your own log home. By taking the time to visit a builder ahead of time, you can view several different model homes. After viewing each of the model homes, you will have a better idea of the features you can have in your home…. Read More

When You Want a Unique Looking Home Consider Looking at Log Homes

When you are looking at building your own unique style of home, you have a few different options available, including log homes. You can jump in with both feet and create your own sketches and designs. Another option is to use existing floor plans and model homes as your guide, and obtain the necessary blue… Read More

Take Time to Learn About the Different Wall Styles Available in Log Home Kits

Log home kits can include different styles of log wall construction. You should familiarize yourself with the different log wall styles, so that you will know which ones you want to include in your log home design. For example, a scribe-fit 3-sided style is used for interior walls in the log home, and is the… Read More

Purchase a Log Cabin Kit to Build Your Own Log Home

One method you can use to build your log cabin home is to order it as a log cabin kit. A kit will be based upon the floor plan and model of home you choose. The materials and elements included in the kit are reflective of the materials and elements needed to construct the home…. Read More

Optional Upgrades and Home Model Determine the Materials in Log Home Packages

Log home packages are designed to fit with the model and floor plan of the log home you want to build. The complete list of materials included with your package will be similar from one model to another model. The model of home and package you choose, will determine which items and materials are included…. Read More

Look at Log Cabins When You Want to Set Your Home Apart from Your Neighbors

Log cabins provide a rustic looking home, which can set your home apart from your neighbors. Many neighborhoods have similar looking homes, with slight variations, leaving little distinguishing features from one home to another. However, with a log home, you are able to give your home a completely different appearance, because you will be using… Read More

Log Home Designs Are One Option for Building Your Own Home

When you want to build your own home from the ground up, you have different options available. One option is to look at log home designs which incorporate a natural looking appearance for your home’s exterior. Log homes are available in different sizes and styles to give you the space you require. Choose Log Home… Read More

Log Cabin Kits Are One Option When You Want to Build a Home Yourself

Some people are born do-it-yourselfers and like to undertake all types of projects, home improvements, and other tasks in order to save money. Some DIYers will even want to build their own home, rather than pay a construction company. The type of home they build depends on their own preferences. One option for a DIY… Read More

Log Cabin Floor Plans Can Include Options in the Designs

Some log cabin floor plans can include a few different options to the design of the home. For example, you may notice an option for either a bonus room or a garage on the floor plan. What this means is that you can decide to add the extra room, or in its place, have a… Read More