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How Is a Log Home Kit Created?

A log home kit is a package you purchase whenever you want to build a log home. Kits are created using the floor plans from the available model homes you will find. Another way in which a kit is assembled is from a custom floor plan you created along with the help of a professional… Read More

The Dream of a Log Cabin Community Center Became Reality for Dorris, CA

Communities which work together have the ability to turn dreams into reality. When people can cooperate and get along anything is possible. For example, in Dorris, CA the local community banded together along with the Ford Family Foundation, the McConnell Foundation, Lions Club International, grants from the state of California, and many others to create… Read More

Log Cabins Are Constructed Using Different Log Wall Styles

There are different log wall styles which are used to build log cabins. You can choose from full rounded with chinking “Montana Style”, Swedish Cope, Scandinavian full scribe “Canadian Style”, scribe-fit two sided and scribe-fit three sided. Each style provides different types of finishing touches to your new log home. You should make sure to… Read More

You Can Find Natural Charm and Beauty in Log Homes

When you are looking for a rustic style of home to build you should consider looking a log homes. These styles of homes provide you with a natural charm and beauty often overlooked in today’s housing designs. You can even incorporate the elegance of a natural design all throughout the entire home. For instance, your… Read More

Log Cabin Kits Provide an Easy Method for Building Log Homes

An easy way to build a log home is by using log cabin kits. Using a kit gives you access to building plans, materials and other items needed to build your new log home. Kits are preassembled at our log yard before it is shipped. The reason we preassemble the home is to make sure… Read More

Log Home Manufacturers Offer Log Cabin and Home Kits

You can obtain log cabin and home kits from log home manufacturers. The kits include just about everything you require to build your own log cabin or home. When you want to use a kit you need to review the different models and floor plans offered. You may be able to make some modifications to… Read More

Use a Log Home Builder When Building Your Log Home

You should work with a log home builder when you are building a log home. By using a builder, you will be able to make sure you obtain all of the needed materials and supplies required to construct the home. Each log is cut to the correct length for the model of home you are… Read More

Take Advantage of Design Services Provided by Log Cabin Builders

One way to simplify designing your own log home is to use design services offered by log cabin builders. These services give you access to floor plans and home designs that are used for preassembled log homes. Preassembled homes are put together initially at the builders location, before they are shipped to the location where… Read More

Determine Log Cabin Packages After Selecting the Model of Home

The first step to selecting a new log home is to review the available models. The model homes will give you an idea of how your newly constructed cabin looks once it is put together. Models also show you the floor plans and the layout of each style of home. After you have selected the… Read More

Use Your Log Cabin Designs to Build a Home on Vacant Land

You have a few different options for building a home using log cabin designs. You could find a piece of undeveloped land, zoned for residential use. With this option, may have to clear trees from the before you can begin construction of your home. You may also have to connect water and sewer lines, dig… Read More