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A Log Home Builder Can Convert Traditional Floor Plan Designs into Log Home Designs

You can convert a design for a traditional style home into a log home design with the assistance of a log home builder. The builder has professionals available to take an existing floor plan or model and revise it into a log cabin design. Elements within the original blue print are replaced in order to… Read More

Log Home Manufacturers Are Able to Help You Choose Log Wall Styles

Part of building a log home is selecting the type of log wall styles you want to use. Log home manufacturers can provide assistance in helping you choose the right wall styles for the exterior and interior of your home. Each style will offer a different appearance once your home is fully assembled. For example,… Read More

Choose Log Cabin Packages after Settling on a Log Cabin Plan

The first step to selecting a new log cabin is to decide on the floor plan and model you like the best. In situations where you are unable to find a model plan you want, you always have the option to have the builder assist you in creating your own custom design. After you have… Read More

Get Help Selecting Your New Log Home with Assistance from Log Cabin Builders

Log cabin builders can help you select and choose the design for your new log home. You might take advantage of preassembled log homes using existing plans based on model homes. These homes offer a variety of options, styles and sizes to accommodate your needs and requirements. Another choice you have available to have the… Read More

Use Log Cabin Designs to Draw Inspiration for Creating Your Own Home

Building your own home is exciting because you are able to choose most of the design aspects yourself. You can decide how big each of the rooms in your home will be and the layout and placement of the rooms within your design. You could draw inspiration for creating your custom home from various sources… Read More

Use Log Home Designs to Help You Select the Perfect Log Cabin

When you enjoy spending time outdoors in the mountains you can often find property for sale which you are able to purchase for building your weekend get-away home. One type of home that fits well and provides a natural look and feel is log cabins. You could find the perfect log cabin to build by… Read More

Create Your Own Custom Floor Plan with the Help of Log Home Builders

After reviewing the available floor plans for new log homes you may discover you are unable to find one you actually like. Instead, you might prefer certain aspects in multiple plans and want a home which incorporates off of these features. In this type of situation you can use our log home builders to create… Read More

Research Available Options When Deciding on Your Log Cabin Kit

You should spend some time and research you options when you are purchasing a log cabin kit to build your log home. The types of equipment and materials included in kits can and does vary based upon the options you pick. You might decide to use a basic kit without any upgrades and only the… Read More

You Can Choose from Different Upgrades and Options with Log Home Packages

You have different options and upgrades available with our log home packages. The choices you make depend upon what materials you may already have or want to purchase on your own. For instance, if you want the simplest method to building your new log home you should consider our premier package. This package includes all… Read More

Get Ideas for Designing Your Own Log Home by Looking at Log Cabin Floor Plans

You can get ideas of various layouts available with log homes by looking at log cabin floor plans. Each plan is designed for a specific model of home and may include options for a basement or garage. You are also able to incorporate different aspects from several floor plans to come up with your own… Read More