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Get the Amenities You Desire in Modern Log Cabin Kits

When you think of log cabins, you might picture a small wood log home set in a rustic location, like in the middle of the woods or in the mountains. While these are a few areas you are able to find log homes, they are no longer the only places. Today, there are numerous modern… Read More

Avoid Issues Building a Log Home by Using Log Home Kits

There are different options available for you to choose from when you want to build your own log home. Some people decide to purchase all of the logs, doors, windows, subflooring and other equipment individually. If you are not careful and plan out everything to exact detail, it is possible you might end up not… Read More

Prior to Building Log Cabins the Property has to be Prepared

When you are building log cabins, there are some preparations which must be completed prior to construction. First, you have to find a piece of property large enough to accommodate the design you have selected. You need to make sure that the home is well within the approved set back requirements for your area. You… Read More

You Can Finance a Log Home Kit for Building Your New Log Home

When choosing a log home kit, you will need to decide on what type of package you want to purchase. There are differences between packages, and it is important to make the right decision before ordering your kit. Whether you are including added options and materials as part of your kit, or purchasing them separately,… Read More

You Can Find Modern Amenities in a Log Cabin Kit

You have plenty of options to choose from, when looking at the different styles and models of log homes, since this style of home has evolved over the years. You are to find a wide range of models to suit your specific needs, including smaller homes for your weekend vacation home, or large and spacious… Read More

Log Homes Help Preserve the Natural Beauty in the Northwest

Building log homes can help preserve the natural beauty and scenery of the West Coast and Pacific Rim. The picturesque mountains provide a scenic backdrop to the area, and your new home will blend seamlessly into the natural landscape. There are many different models available to fit your needs and requirements, or you have the… Read More

Log Cabin Kits Are an Environmentally-Friendly Way to Build a Home

You have different options available when you want to build your own home. Part of selecting and making the right decisions during this planning stage is deciding on the types of materials you want to use. You might want to take an environmentally friendly approach to home building, by using renewable materials, like those found… Read More

Log Home Kits Contain Real Wooden Logs

People might have some misconceptions about using log home kits to build their log house. However, with some clarification about what a kit is and what it includes frequently alleviates any prior confusion. Our log kits use actual wooden logs. These logs are not prefabricated logs or pressed logs using synthetic processes.  Rather they have… Read More

One Option for Building a New Home Is to Consider Log Cabins

You have different options available when you want to build a brand new home. You could decide you want a home that looks different from everyone one else’s in your neighborhood. This might lead you to choose log cabins because they provide unique charm and style not always common in traditional styled homes. Log homes… Read More

Log Homes Can Be Built for Resorts to Use for Different Purposes

While log homes are primarily built to be used as a single family dwelling, they can also be used by businesses. For example, larger models could be used by mountain resorts for housing for corporate retreats, school camping trips, family reunions and other such events. Instead of having to split up guests and place them… Read More