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Homestead Log Homes is the leading manufacturer and builder of high quality engineered custom log homes and log home packages in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.
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NEW 2,100 sq. ft. Beautiful log home in Klamath Falls

UPDATE TO: New home being built in Klamath Falls, OR

New home being built in Klamath Falls, OR

Custom Osprey Model Design 2178 sq. ft.

This is a log home we are building in Southern Oregon near Gold Hill. Our customer started with a design from our catalog and reduced the size of our Osprey model to 2178 square feet. We will add photo’s as our crew continues on this home, stay tuned!      

Cascade Mountain Range Log Home

  Here is a log home we are building in southern Oregon at about 4800 ft. in elevation. This Homesteader 1638 sq. ft. design in being built over a full basement. Homestead build this log cabin to a closed shell stage of completion. Our customer plans to do finish his the home himself. Every log… Read More

Central Oregon Log Home

We just had Tim (one of our construction foreman) return from a job in Klamath county Oregon. Here is a few progress pictures he took of a custom 3328 sq. ft. Deschutes being built near the Sprague river. This home is a perfect example of the abililty  to take one of the log cabin designs from… Read More

Log Home Kits for Additions on your Log Cabin

  Have a log home and want to add on? Homestead  Log Homes has been making custom log home kits for additions for years now. This photo shows us adding onto a log cabin using full round logs that uses chinking to seal the logs watertight.  Is is important to use the correct profile of log when… Read More

Log Homes Include Different Log Styles in Their Construction

There are different aspects you have to consider any time you are looking at the various models of log homes available. Each style is designed using a specific type of log style, because their appearance fits with the model. However, you always have the option of selecting your own log styles when you are making… Read More

A Log Cabin Kit Is Created Using Hand Crafted Logs

You are able to purchase a hand crafted log home in a log cabin kit. Each kit includes the materials and supplies needed to build your new home on your property. You have the option to choose from two different packages that fit with your requirements. Within each package are additional options you might select… Read More

Your Log Home Kit Includes Five Detailed Sets of Plans

When you choose one of our 34 standard log home kit plans, the cost for the drawings is included with the materials package and purchase price of the kit. Each kit includes five sets of plans that show complete details including floor and roof framing, cross section, the required four building elevations, floor plans with… Read More