There are different options available for you to choose from when you want to build your own log home. Some people decide to purchase all of the logs, doors, windows, subflooring and other equipment individually. If you are not careful and plan out everything to exact detail, it is possible you might end up not having all of the materials, or worse, with mismatched logs. It is not enjoyable to start building your new home and then have to put the project on hold because of problems. Another option, which deals with these issues, is to purchase log home kits. Kits include all of the correct types and styles of logs you selected for your home, as well as giving you access for including other equipment needed for the construction of your new log home.

Pre-Framing Is Used to Verify Log Home Kits Are Correct

One process used to ensure you receive all of the correct logs for your new log home is to use pre-framing processes. These processes involve gathering all of the wood logs used for the exterior of the home, as well as supports, and assembling them at our log yard, to create the shell of the home. It is also during this time any other equipment selected in log home kits are gathered. This way, once the pre-framing is completed, verified, and confirmed to be correct, the logs can be disassembled and put with the other items, to complete the kit. The kit is then loaded onto trucks and made ready for delivery to your property.