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Introducing the Homestead Family

Jim Hoffman; Owner Tricia Hoffman; Office Manager Ron Osborne; General Manager Tom Salade; Owner Janelle Skeen; Accounting Clerk Receptionist

Jim Hoffman: Owner
Tricia Hoffman: Office Manager
Ron Osborne: General Manager
Tom Saladé: Owner
Janelle Skeen: Accounting Clerk-Receptionist
(left to right in photo)

Since our founding in 1978, the secret of our success has been offering log home buyers the best product for the right price. We’ve seen most of our competition and want you to know the difference. We feel that as more buyers become educated in log homes, they will step up to bigger logs, hand peeling, air drying, lag screw and through-bolt construction. We’re putting our reputation on the line, now and for years to come

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Over the past 30 years, there have been many changes in the log home industry. More log homes were built in this time in North America than in the previous four hundred years. When we started Homestead Log Homes there were just a hand-full of manufacturers and builders; now there are over two hundred. With so many manufacturers in this industry, you’ll find just as many ways of putting a log home together. At Homestead, we’re always trying to be one step ahead of the competition.
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We’re sure that once you see the quality, pride and
value we put into our homes, you’ll choose Homestead Log Homes…
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